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The historical path Sogesti

The Sogesti is a marked path running along the Fitjadalen lake. Along the path you will find signboards with historical information telling the story of how this area was used in older times. You can view historical discoveries such as rock carvings, old settlements and farmhouses. Illustrated textbook with map for this trip can be bought at the local Tourist Information. 

Hiking in Kvam

In Kvam there are many marked walking paths between fjords and mountains. You will find shorter trips that are suitable for families as well as mountain trips up to 1300m above sealevel. There are many excellent viewpoints and also lakes to fish in. 

Peaks in Kvam

Hiking suggestions:
Norheimsund:  Steinsdalsfossen, Torefjell, Krokavatn/Vesoldo
Kvamskogen:  Byrkjesete, Steinskvanndalen , Såta/Tveitakvitingen   
Øystese: Fitjadalen, Skrott, Døgnope, Fuglafjellet, Gullfiskvatnet , Børvemarka
Ålvik: Tettstadvandring/Town walk/Stadtwanderung , Bjølsegrø
Tørvikbygd: Tørvikenuten/Vesoldo , Heradstveitstølen
Strandebarm:  Dalsete , Kråkenosi , Vesoldo
Oma:  Nyasete, Vikestølen
Tur for de sterke: 14 t. Fitjadalen - Skrott - Hamlagrø - Blåkoll - Botnen


Hardangeryacht Mathilde

The Hardangeryacht Mathilde is part of the Museum Warf Hardanger Fartøyvernsenter in Norheimsund. In the summer there are some 5- day turns along the coast. These trips has to be booked in advance.Tlf: +47 56 55 33 50 Hardanger Fartøyvernsenter

Utleige av båtar
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Hardanger Fartøyvernsenter leiger ut tradisjonelle robåtar som er byde ved senteret. Du får med kart, informasjon og tips til turar, og du kan også leiga fiskeutstyr. Fartøverensenteret leiger òg ut ein gavelbåt med ein Sabb 10kh innanbordmotor for dagsturar i nærområdet. Tlf.: 56 55 33 50 Les meir...


Vøringen is a sightseeing boat that takes you on a fjordcruise to inner Hardanger. From 01.05. to 31.10. Vøringen leaves Norheimsund at 08:55. Via Herand, Utne, Lofthus, Kinsarvik, Ulvik the boat goes to Eidfjord where you will have a 3 hours stay. Vøringen is back in Norheimsund at 17:30. Tlf.: +47 55 23 87 80 Hardangerfjord Sightseeing

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