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The Hardanger fjord opens up in Øystese, giving you a fabulous panoramic view, to the fjord,
the mountains and the Folgefonna glacier. Øystese is a beautiful little village with a shopping area, post office, bank, petrol station, a pub, bowling hall, a sandy beach, marina, church, hotel and several cafés.

Cultural attractions

The arthouse Kabuso in Øystese is the county of Hordaland’s Millennium building. It’s neighbour, the Ingebrigt Vik museum, is an intimate sculpture museum containing the works of one of Norway’s greatest sculptors.Visiting the municipal museum Storeteigen will leave you a vivid impression of old times in our district. Guided tour by appointment. bygdemuséet Storeteigen.

Outdoor attractions
The Gold fish lake, (Skårsvatnet), is the home of the golden ide. Feed the fish from the lakeside. In Fitjadalen you’ll find the marvelous historical path and the Ørredalsfossen waterfall. Øystese is a great place for mountain walks. Good starting points are Fitjadalen, Sjusete and Soldal.

Agriculture and furniture production have long tradition in the village and are still important businesses for the local population. Industry, trade and tourism are also important ways to make a living to-day.

Fykse, Steinstø and Botnen
If you cross the Fyksesund Bridge, 10 km east of Øystese, you’ll soon get to the road to the hamlet of Fykse. Fykse is known for its beautifully cared for cultural landscape in keeping with old traditions. Her you will also find Gamlastovo Gardsrestaurant, a special experience for the palate with a menu that is composed from local  products, and maybe followed by a consert in the local grotto.
If you keep on the main road you will soon come to the dock for the boat to Botnen. Several times a week the boat is going in the small Fyksesund fjord where you will see some of Norway’s most spectacular nature. Just past the dock you will come to Steinstø Frukt- og Kakebu. You can visit the fruit farm and buy fruit and cakes.

Farm Holidays and other accommodations
Øystese offers a variety of accommodation possibilities. In the centre of the village you will find a newly renovated hotel and many near by farms that offer cabins and rooms for the night. You can rent a cabin or apartment on the edge of the fjord or high up on the mountain side.


is situated at the heart of Hardanger, the natural starting point for your stay in Hardanger. The village is not onlya great starting point for adventures in Hardanger, but it is also quick and easy to get to other places like Bergen, Voss and Rosendal.

Norheimsund has things to offer for most people. Experience the mighty Steinsdalsfossen waterfall from behind, ortry your hand at ropemaking and boatbuilder at the internationally reputated Hardanger Fartoyvernsenter. In the main street you’ll find a number of interesting shops or you can take a hike to the beautiful Krokavatn and enjoy the view over the Hardanger fjord. The fjord can also be enjoyed from a boat or the numerous areas for swimming or maybe from a seaplane if you are the more adventurous kind. There are a number of places to stay ranging from the venerable Sandven Hotel from 1857, to camping grounds and cabins by the fjord. If you arrive by boat you can dock by the large and pleasant guest landing in the middle of the village.

In Norheimsund you’ll find whatever you need for an adventurous stay
in Hardanger. Welcome!


Ålvik is on the north side of the Hardanger fjord, about a two hours  drive from Bergen. Ålvik is about a 20 min. drive from Øystese on the road towards Kvandal and Voss.
Ålvik has a pleasant little centre with a food store, post, school and church. 

Ålvik has a special micro climate where spring comes earlier than in the rest of Kvam. This makes for a very fertile environment for a variety of plants. One of the rare species is the “Kvit skogfue” (Cephalanthera longifolia), this plant is on the protection list even though it is prolific in Hardanger. It can be found as a single plant or in small groups along the side of the road.

Ålvik is maybe best known for its smeltery Bjølvefossen ASA with about 150 employees. Elkem owns the smeltery and produces ferrosilicon and MgFeSi. It is now decided that the smeltry will be closed in the near future. This will end a long history of a typical industrial centre that was started because of the cheap local hydro-electric power for the nearby waterfall, “Bjølvefossen”. Ålvik is now in a process of finding alternatives to the large industrial complex of the smeltery. There is a very active group of cottage industry projects sprouting up.

Surrounded by gentle valleys, green fields, beaches and small islands, Strandebarm lies like a pearl on the side of the Hardanger fjord, 30 km south of Norheimsund. The charm and quiet that prevail in this small village can be enjoyed while staying at the hotel, camping, or in a rented cabin or house. Strandebarm has a post office, store, petrol station, and most of whatever travels need.

The fjord and boat building has always been important for Strandebarm, there is even a type of row boat called Strandebarm. The boat building tradition is still very strong and an important part of the local economy, but both production and product has changed dramatically. Fjellstrand AS, the local modern ship building yard, builds fast passenger boats and car ferries of aluminum. Fjellstrand is a cornerstone business in the community and employees 123 persons.

Strandebarm has been the home to two important Norwegian authors: Hans E. Kinck and Jon Fosse. “Kinck Days” are arranged every summer to pay tribute to the author who lived and worked in the community at the end of the 1800s. Jon Fosse is a modern very versatile, productive author and well known outside of Norway. He has written short stories, novels, poetry, children’s books and many plays. It is his dramatic works that he is best known for abroad. Fosse was the most popular dramatist in Europe in 2005 and his plays have been translated into 30 different languages.


As well as making new cultural events, Strandebarmers have been good at taking care of the old culture as well. Nestunet at Mundheim is a living example of this. Nestunet, which is open for overnight stays, has received the “Olavsrosa” for its restoration of the houses, the farm landscape, and the preservation of cultural values. Her you will find well kept buildings, the oldest one dating back to the 1700s, which make for a unique historical atmosphere on the farm.


Activities in Strandebarm
Strandebarm can provide many experiences in nature. Here you will find good fishing spots and great starting points for mountain walks. You can walk to several high mountains, like Kråkenos and Vesoldo, most of them with majestic views. Strandadalen is a beautifully attractive foot tour area that is easily accessible. Maps are available at the tourist information office in Norheimsund. We can also recommend a visit to Kinck-huset (open by appointment) and the beautiful Nestunet.
Strandebarm is a place that is free for the big tourist masses. Therefore, it is an ideal place for those that looking for a relaxing vacation in every way. With the magnificent scenery as the perfect backdrop, you will quickly find the tranquility you are longing for in this charming pearl beside the Hardanger fjord.
Welcome to Strandebarm!


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