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Nature attractions

The Jettegyter in Fitjadalen er several giant hollow basins carved by stones brought down by the rapid flowing water. You can go by car to Fitjadalen / Fete and then follw the path named Sogesti.

Ørredalsfossen Waterfall

The waterfall Ørredalsfossen is a beatiful waterfall in Fitjadalen, above Øystese. There is a well- maintained path and a view point down by the waterfall. After you have seen the waterfal you can go and follow the marked historical path Sogesti. 

The Goldfishlake

The lake Skårsvatnet is also named Goldfishlake because it is inhabited by a rare species of goldfish, named golden ide. They were imported from Congo in 1914 and have thrived since. You can view and feed the fish and the lake is ideal for swimming. You will find the lake by following the road toward Porsmyr, from Øystese. 


Steinsdalsfossen Waterfall

The famous waterfall Steinsdalsfossen is located 2 km from Norheimsund centre, by the main road toward Bergen. You can walk along a path that runs behind the waterfull. Here you will get a true feeling of what a waterfall really is. 

Fyksesund Landscape Park

Fyksesund Landscape Park is considered the most beatiful area of the western side of the Hardangerfjord. The area around the Fykse sound, about 10 km east from Øystese,  includes well kept cultural landscapes maintained through active sheep and fruit farming as well as mountain areas with dramatic peaks and cliffs. Here a variety of adventures and activities are available. You will find farm restaurants and café, marked hiking trails, fjordcruise and accomodation. Read more about Fyksesund Landscape Park


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